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Evolve Face5 Time and Attendance

Evolve Face5 Time and Attendance

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Evolve Face5 is an employee face recognition terminal with time and attendance that can also be used for access control to a secure area.
The terminal is ideal for construction, manufacturing, small or large companies, food processing, education hospitals and surgeries.
Face recognition for time and attendance control offers a secure, Touchless and cost-effective way of controlling who has access to your building and when their access is allowed.

Fast and Accurate Facial Identification

Clocking in or out is simply, employees just need to look at the device, and they will be accurately verified in less than a second.

The EvolveFace 5 and 5T can hold up to 3,000 facial templates whilst being GDPR compliant. This is because it doesn’t hold any biometric data that could be useable elsewhere. A random mix of data is stored of a user’s face rather than a full identifiable scan.

• Size h154 x w152 x d22mm.
• Linux OS System.
• Detection time less tan 0.2s.
• Adjustable read distance from 0.5 to 3mt.
• Live face detection.
• LED and Infrared light for night use.
• Live movement detection.
• Duplicate face read, timeout period 1 to 20 seconds

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