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EvolveFaceAi 7T

EvolveFaceAi 7T

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The EvolveFaceAI 7T come as standard with Temperature, Face and Mask provide a simple Touchless, clocking in and our system for your employees. All they need to do is look directly into the terminal and they will be accurately verified in less than 1 second.

• Detection up to 5 people at any 1 time, giving fast and easy access within large scale business.

• Built-In Mifare card reader for simple integration of access control systems.

• QR cloud based visitor management.

• TCIP/WIFI connection • USB reports.

• Can interface with most makes of access control management systems such as Paxton Net2 via the Wiegand 26/34bit interface.

Evolve develops market-leading face recognition systems and applications for customers and governments around the world. Face recognition technology can be applied in many ways. Today's main market is security related, but there are a variety of applications emerging related to personal use, convenience, productivity enhancement and more.

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