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Paxton Net2Plus - 1 Door Access Control

Paxton Net2Plus - 1 Door Access Control

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Introducing Net2 by Paxton, the cutting-edge networked access control system designed to enhance security and flexibility. With a centralized control architecture, detailed event reporting, and customizable access management, each control unit operates independently within the network, making autonomous decisions and preserving event records.

The Net2 plus control unit seamlessly connects to the central administration PC via an RJ45 plug, linking to a standard TCP/IP Ethernet network. This feature significantly boosts installation flexibility, especially on sites equipped with LAN/WAN networks. Additionally, the Net2 plus control unit features an RS485 connection, enabling connection to other Net2 plus or Net2 classic units using a dedicated CAT5 cable.

Simplify setup with one Net2 plus control unit serving as the network interface to the LAN while simultaneously running a wired RS485 daisy chain of other Net2 plus or Net2 classic units. This eliminates the need for a separate TCP/IP to RS485 converter. Moreover, the Net2 plus offers a Power over Ethernet (PoE) option, enabling both power and data to travel through Ethernet cabling. When powered by a compatible PoE switch or PoE injector, the Net2 plus with PoE effortlessly integrates into the existing LAN using a standard RJ45 plug.

Choose from control units available as PCB only, housed in plastic enclosures, or mounted within a 2A boxed metal/plastic mains monitored backup power supply. The Net2 plus unit now comes with a PoE+ power supply in a metal/plastic cabinet, eliminating the need for a separate mains supply backup.

Installation is simplified with color-coded connections for reader, power supply, and more, clearly labeled on the Net2 plus control unit. The unit features a voltage-free relay, allowing the switching of locks or electrical devices. Effortlessly connect exit buttons, door contacts, tamper switches, and alarm devices.

Communication between control units and the PC occurs via the standard TCP/IP protocol of a LAN. Ensure smooth operation by assigning a fixed/static IP address to the Net2 plus control unit. All configurations are conveniently managed using the Net2 Configuration Utility.

Diagnostic LEDs, strategically placed near relevant terminals, aid trouble-free installation. The system's flexibility is further enhanced by the ability to switch end-of-line resistors into the circuit as needed, eliminating the requirement for external terminating resistors.

Experience seamless operation with Net2—where changes made at the PC are instantly communicated and stored at the control unit. When a user presents their token to the reader, the control unit promptly identifies them, granting or denying access as needed. Elevate your access control with Net2's powerful features and reliable performance. 🔒💻🌐 #Net2 #AccessControl #SecuritySolutions #NetworkedAccess #FlexibleInstallation

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