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Sensor Access

Sensor Access | IC1604 Access Control

Sensor Access | IC1604 Access Control

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Introducing the IC1604 controller — your optimal solution for real-time monitoring of multiple alarm points such as PIRs and fire detectors. This versatile controller goes beyond basic monitoring, providing additional outputs to trigger various devices like lighting, CCTV matrix, and more. 🛡️📹

Key Features:

  • Dedicated I/O Controller: Tailored for effective input and output control, ensuring precision in monitoring and triggering.

  • Expandable Inputs: Start with 16 inputs and effortlessly expand to 24 inputs, offering scalability based on your specific needs.

  • Versatile Outputs: Benefit from 4 relay outputs, expandable to an impressive 64 outputs, providing flexibility in device triggering.

  • Redundant Communication Bus (Option): Opt for a redundant communication bus for enhanced reliability in data transmission.

  • FLASH Upgradable Memory: Stay up-to-date with evolving technologies through easily upgradable FLASH memory.

  • Advanced PCB Design: A robust 6-layer PCB design enhances protection, ensuring the longevity and durability of the controller.

The IC1604 controller stands out with its high capacity, directly supervising 16 digital inputs and 4 outputs. Expand this capacity to monitor up to 24 inputs and control up to 64 outputs. Whether used independently or in conjunction with other Sensor Access controllers on a single network, the IC1604 delivers superior control and supervision for each input, maintaining a vigilant watch over your security system. 🔒💡

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