Collection: Face Recognition

Welcome to Evolve Security Products Limited facial recognition website which specialises in TouchLess face temperature and mask detection systems to provide smart access control with time and attendance.

When combined with our turnstiles and speed gates, Evolves face recognition range of products provide a market-leading portfolio of pedestrian management and access control solutions.

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Retail and Lesuire Loss Prevention

Retail /Leisure Entrance Gate Solutions, speed paddle gates, swing gates and turnstiles provide you with a choice of styles. As workplaces, business and other venues look to enhance the security of their premises, we have ensured that we are prepared to help our customers both old and new by offering a range of retail entrance gate solutions.

Our product range gives our customers and clients the ability to control who enters and exits their premises through an organised and efficient access control system. The security entrance and exit gates we supply not only improve security but can also enhance the look and feel of a space too. The gate is an excellent addition to your premises if you are looking to enhance your security, without compromising on the aesthetic or functionality of your space. 

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