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APG100 Airport Speed Lane Gate

APG100 Airport Speed Lane Gate

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Evolve APG100: Streamlining Boarding Pass Control in Airports

Efficiently checking passengers' boarding passes as they transition from public to airside areas is a vital aspect of airport operations. Introducing Evolve APG100, an automated system designed to assist airport staff in this crucial task.

Recommended Solution: The Evolve system comprises a sensor barrier featuring automatic swing panels. Equipped with an integrated boarding pass reader and a display for passenger information, this system ensures a seamless and secure process. The sensor technology allows single-file passage for passengers with diverse luggage items, preventing the misuse of boarding passes, including detection of double use. It can scan 2D barcodes from airport-generated boarding passes, home-printed passes, or mobile phones.

Key Benefits:

  • Enhanced tracking of passenger whereabouts for luggage management.
  • Separate management of first/business class, VIPs, and airline staff, reducing waiting times.
  • Improved passenger flow.
  • Detailed reporting on passage, tailgating, wrong-direction movement, and collisions.

Self-Service Boarding: Automated systems at boarding gates play a crucial role in expediting the boarding pass verification process.

Recommended Solution: Evolve's self-service boarding system features a sensor barrier with automatic wing panels, an integrated boarding pass reader, a display for passenger information, and a printer for seat imprints. Similar to the APG100, it can scan 2D barcodes from various boarding pass sources.

Key Benefits:

  • Accelerated boarding process, minimizing waiting times.
  • Ensured correct boarding, reducing errors.
  • Support for ground staff, allowing reassignment to other duties.
  • Separate management for premium passengers, reducing waiting times.
  • Instant communication of last-minute seating changes through printouts.
  • Detailed reporting on tailgating, trespassing attempts, and correct boarding processes.

Channels for Airport Staff: Authorized staff entrances and exits along the public-security division require secure access control solutions.

Recommended Solution: Evolve offers half-height sensor barriers designed for areas within sight of reception staff, such as airport office spaces. These sensor-controlled passages feature automatic half-height doors.

Key Features:

  • Easy passage, even with bags or luggage, without direct contact with doors.
  • High throughput rate and maximum safety.
  • Variety of colors, shapes, and user-friendly design.

Choose Evolve APG100 for a comprehensive solution to enhance security, efficiency, and passenger experience in airport environments. ✈️🔐 #EvolveAPG100 #AirportSecurity #BoardingPassControl #AutomatedBoarding #AccessControlSolutions

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