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Evolve SGRetail Swing Gate

Evolve SGRetail Swing Gate

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The SGRetail is one of the most secure and safest swing gate on the market.

It has been specifically designed to help with retail loss prevention, as well as offering a cheaper alternative to speed gates used in controlling access to gyms, education, and office environments.

Packed full of features the SGRetail gate provides a flexible security solution, particularly useful where high throughput, disable access, large bulky items are required and to meet fire regulations.

This Swing Gate is engineered with a user-friendly design, providing easy installation and maximum convenience.

  • Intended for high volume pedestrian passage
  • Built-in luminous crown, with modular assembly, warns of leaf movement and operating status.
  • Opening always under control, thanks to the acoustic signal that warns of any attempt to force opening.
  • Safe as it is reversible. In the event of a blackout, the automation allows manual opening for both entry and exit.
  • The motor with encoder enables easy management of the slowdown and obstacle detection stages.
  • The programming and function display screen is located in an easily accessible place.
  • Movement activation via photocells.

Evolve SGRetail Standard functions and features

  • 9 two-way controls modes are available.
  • 7 Alarm control modes available.
  • Leak-proof power protection.
  • Status indication Direction.
  • Remote control with the settings function.
  • Supports 0 to 99 counting function Continue to open the signal input.
  • Standard external electrical interface Safe isolation with photoelectricity.
  • Automatic open and closed mode is optional (set using the controller).
  • The speed the door opens 0.6S-1.2S (user-available.
  • Slim and sleek robust stainless-steel design.
  • Option of custom metal handrails or glass balustrade.
  • Option for power pole from top cover.
  • Option for custom arm design up to 860MM wide.
  • 3 sensors as standard, open in A, open in B, Central alarm sensor. 3 Optional Low Level sensors.
  • Can be customised to have 8 sensors in lower walkway hand rail.

The SG Retail swing gate is an ideal solution when one desires to bolster security while still preserving the allure and utility of a given area, offering a moderate level of protection to Retail, Commercial and Leisure businesses.

The brushed stainless steel finish of Evolve SGRetail Swing Gate makes it an ideal solution for a variety of locations in need of security, like retail stores, offices, gyms and sports centers. Side railings and glass balustrade panels can be added for extra protection.

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