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Evolve PG600 Paddle Gate

Evolve PG600 Paddle Gate

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Intelligent Swing Gate PG600Series is of a stylish and modern design, characteristic and simple installation with a wide application scope. The latest high tech drive mechanisms are used in this product. The entrance is controlled by multi-group sensors granted access through transparent gated arms. The authorised passage will be allowed, while the unauthorised passage will be instantaneously prohibited

The PG600 is a double leaf obstacle gate with a 600, 900, 1120mm walkways up to 1500mm high glass.

It provides safe, high speed, bi - directional pedestrian throughput, with an elegant and sophisticated look, essential for today ’s corporate environment


1. Cabinet frame: Steel frame with RoHS anti -corrosion zinc plating treatment.

2. Cabinet outer: Brushed AISI 304L stainless steel, 220g.

3. Detection photocells: 16 transmit reflect cells, 8 high level and 8 low level.

4. Main column: Containing the DC motor and gearbox, a geared electromagnetic brake for locking the obstacles in the event of forced entry.

5. Obstacle: Clear plexiglass, 900mm high, 10mm thick.

6. Open Commands: Normally open volt free contacts, closing for not more than 1 second.

7. Hold open: Normally open volt free contacts, closing for more than 3 second.

8. Fire Input: Normally open volt free contacts, closing for more than 3 second.

9. Outputs: Three transistor outputs, two for passage complete or counters and one for fraud alarms.

10. Output: RS232 protocol.

11. Status and function pictograms: Indicating fraud, lane and passage status to the user.

12. Side access panel: Housing, TD controller, PSU and isolation switch.

13. Side walls: Clear 10 mm toughened glass.

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