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Evolve TT300 Tripod Turnstile

Evolve TT300 Tripod Turnstile

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Tripod turnstiles offer a cost-effective, reliable entrance control solution for internal or external use. Our TT range of motorised drop-arm turnstiles provide a visual deterrent to illegal visitors.

They are easy to use and ideal in areas where there is a large and constant flow of people.

Various cabinet options are available such as compact, bridged, and boxed turnstiles. Different tops and end panels provide all the aesthetic requirements needed for today's corporate reception areas.

Our motorised drive unit provides smooth and silent operation making it ideal for quiet locations such as school or college libraries.

The motorised mechanism automatically resets the arm to the closed position once the emergency has passed. This means there is no need to deploy staff to manually lift the tripod arms.

Turnstiles can be controller to all types of access control devices to provide secure visitor and staff management, such as:

  • RDIF card readers,

  • bar-code scanners,

  • QR code readers, or

  • coin validators.

To meet the needs of fire regulations, requirements for people with reduced mobility and large bulky items please see our SG.

Due to tripod turnstiles low cost and reliability, they are ideal for use in the leisure, and education markets.


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