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Evolve 3D Tailgating

Evolve 3D Tailgating

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In a seamless alliance with HuperLab, a distinguished provider of intelligent video surveillance solutions, Evolve has played a pivotal role in advancing 3D video algorithms and dual-lens stereo cameras, particularly within the domain of world-leading anti-tailgating technology.

This innovative collaboration is focused on capturing stereo object images, emulating human-like depth vision to achieve unparalleled precision. The 3D depth-sensing technology, stemming from this strategic partnership, boasts an impressive accuracy level of up to 98%. Its exceptional tolerance to fluctuations in light and shadow, as well as the overlapping of moving objects, sets it apart in the realm of tailgating detection.

Integrated with extensive video analytics and system flexibility, this groundbreaking technology finds application in various fields. From people counting and virtual fence deployment to enhancing surveillance and security measures, the 3D depth-sensing technology proves its utility across diverse sectors, including retail stores, transportation, and home and store security. Its adaptability extends to optimizing customer service in retail environments, providing an efficient solution for various industries.

Essentially, the collaboration between Evolve and HuperLab marks a significant leap forward in leveraging cutting-edge technology, particularly in world-leading tailgating detection. This partnership enhances depth perception and video analytics, setting new standards in intelligent video surveillance solutions. 🌐🔒

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