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Evolve Card Capture

Evolve Card Capture

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Explore the Evolve CC Series, a comprehensive range of visitor card capture devices designed to elevate your access control capabilities. These devices, available in standalone housings, integrated within our gates and turnstile cabinets, or as OEM components, offer versatile solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Incorporating these devices into your access control system facilitates the capture of contractor or visitor passes, significantly minimizing the costs associated with lost cards and enhancing overall building security. The card capture functionality seamlessly works with both simple paper passes and can be effortlessly integrated with the end user's existing access control reader.

The standalone housing boasts a slim profile, allowing for convenient installation adjacent to or in front of most pedestrian entrance control gates or turnstiles. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, these devices ensure high pedestrian throughput, thanks to their modular construction and a range of passage width options. The inclusion of single or double leaf obstacles further enhances flexibility in accommodating diverse entry requirements.

Installation, service, and maintenance are simplified with the inherent features of our visitor card capture devices, making them a practical and efficient choice for your access control needs. Additionally, these devices seamlessly integrate with various access control devices, including card or biometric readers, providing a comprehensive solution for your security requirements.

Choose the Evolve CC Series for a sophisticated, efficient, and adaptable approach to access control, ensuring the security and convenience of your premises.

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