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EvolveFaceAi 1 IP65

EvolveFaceAi 1 IP65

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Introducing the EvolveFaceAI 1 - a state-of-the-art Face/Mask/Card/QR code detection system that revolutionizes touchless clocking in and out for your employees. Simply have them gaze into the terminal, and within less than 1 second, accurate verification is complete.

Key Features:

👤 Detects up to 5 individuals simultaneously, ensuring swift access for large-scale businesses.

🔒 Built-In Mifare card reader facilitates seamless integration with access control systems.

🌐 QR cloud-based visitor management for streamlined and efficient processes.

📶 TCIP/WIFI connection and USB reports for versatile connectivity options.

🤝 Interfaces with various access control management systems, including Paxton Net2, via the Wiegand 26/34bit interface.

Experience QR code visitor management with a mobile app for enhanced convenience and modern security solutions. Elevate your workplace access control with EvolveFaceAI 1. 🔐

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